API Implementation Guide

This page contains details on how to integrate with the API

OneRecord API Customer Setup


In order to onboard you as a new customer, OneRecord has a sequence of processes that must be performed in advance of your access to the Integrator Service Endpoints.

First we gather your information from the Get API Key form. Once completed and verified, we move to the internal events that will create your Tenant and Device records. We then link your Device to various partner networks and offerings of those partners based on the needs specified in your application form. Finally, we build your Token with which you can access our Integrator Service API.

Tenant Creation

At this point we've populated the customer information, created a unique organization ID and generated a Tenant and Device record. We also detailed the purposes of use (pou) for the customer. In this example we communicated: Treatment, Payment, Operations, Patient. Those would be the services the customer requested to access via our partner networks.

Building the Customer JSON Web Token (JWT)

Now that we've created the tenant-id and device-id, as well as linked the device to the partner networks, we generate a customer token:

Here is an example JWT. Note that your token will be specific to your configuration and unique to any other customer. The token below is bogus and not usable against our API.


Tokens MUST be used for all requests. An authorized token grants the caller access to the API. It must be passed in the Authorization header. Here is an example:

Authorization: Bearer <token_value>

For the requests in the API Reference section of our documentation, please use the sample token that we will provide to you for shared testing purposes.