The OneRecord API Certificate is a mark of approval and formal permission for our customers (that's you!) to move into a production environment and begin using the system to accomplish their business goals. Certification is an important step to maintain the integrity of the system and to protect the health information of patients. This page describes the certification process that we administer.


When you have finished your integration and are satisfied with your testing, you are ready to move to production. In order to run in our production environment, you will need a production key and a certificate. We require a short qualification interview before issuing the production credentials.

Simply contact OneRecord via email at [email protected]. Our team will coordinate the interview meeting with your team. During the interview, be prepared to perform a demo of your solution and answer questions from the OneRecord team about the overall integration and security specifically. The interview will be recorded.

With no issues identified during the interview, you will be approved for production status and your key and certificate will be generated within 1 business day. If there are any issues to be resolved, a follow-up meeting will be coordinated where the interview will be repeated.

Read more here: How Certificates are Used by the OneRecord API

Certification FAQs

Is there any cost associated with certification?No, this is included in your regular API fees
What questions are asked during the certification interview?The interview primarily focuses on a demonstration of the integration and an explanation of the architecture and security protocols that were used.
How long with the certification take?This is typically covered in a one hour virtual meeting with screen share. Once approved, the certificate will be issued within one business day.
What reasons constitute a followup session prior to certification?If there are questions that can't be answered by the attendees, a followup session may be needed.
Once certified, is there a recertification process?The certification is good for the length of the current contract term unless there is a material change to the integration. If so, a recertification process will be needed following the steps of the initial certification including sharing documentation updates for the new integration changes and a demo.
What are the reasons for changes to my account status?Accounts will be periodically monitored for abuse or unauthorized activity. If instances of such practices are found, remediation efforts will be taken which will include a notification to the customer and may include throttling or account suspension.