Testing and Validation

Test Data

Testing integration between disparate systems is always a carefully managed affair. For the transactions we support today, testing flows exist for IHE transactions returning CCDA documents, and for FHIR data returning FHIR R4 Resources. For more details about how to test these transaction flows, check out our Guides that walk you through this step by step. For more information about our test data, keep reading.

To support your testing needs for IHE and CCDA documents we have a test patient available that has records in both CommonWell and Carequality. The CommonWell test patient is served up through the tools that we leverage through the CommonWell Management Portal. As you may be aware, Carequality does not have centralized network functionality that we can leverage, so in order to deliver the best testing experience to you we provide you with a test patient from our very own OneRecord Consumer Hub.

In order to pull test data back you must have a test system configured, so we provide you with a test Tenant and Organization configured in our API configuration management system for your initial exploration of the OneRecord API. For both CommonWell and Carequality we have configured the test patient to be the same person, with matching demographics. This means that when you run the register, query, and retrieve transactions for both endpoints (CommonWell, Carequality), which is the way the current interoperability flow is setup, you will have the option to retrieve a test CCDA document for the same person from each endpoint.

Remember that for additional details regarding specific test steps, be sure to take a look in our Demographics Network Query Guide and Credentials FHIR Query Guide. And lastly, please understand that these test patients are available in our dev/Sandbox environment which typically has the latest feature releases, but sometimes unstable code deployed. If you encounter an issue, please run your test again, and if the issue persists, drop us a note so we can fix it!

First NameLast NameDOBGenderZip

JSON format:

"id": "8889143389765",
"firstname": "Pedro",
"lastname": "Martinez",
"dob": "1975-11-11",
"gender": "M",
"zip": "76180"

TEST Patients You Can Use

Using the API Reference For the above patient, you can


The OneRecord API provides two environments for use available at the following base URLs. Note that the production environment is only accessible after completing our certification and being granted an API Token and a production-level certificate.

https://stage.integrator.onerecord.com (Sandbox)
https://integrator.onerecord.com (Production)

OneRecord's API Sandbox environment is used for testing and is located at https://stage.integrator.onerecord.com. As mentioned above, it has pre-populated data that you can rely on as you integrate and test your solutions. Updates will be released on a controlled schedule (every 1-3 weeks) and any expanded test data for more robust request/response information will be detailed in our documentation. Our Sandbox will give you real-world-like experience, but with safe anonymized test data only. Additionally, we can setup specific test data for you should your situation warrant it - just drop us a note and let's discuss.

OneRecord's Production API environment performs real queries connected to our live API. These queries connect to other external production systems delivering real patient data and documents. Production also includes high performance and high availability services to meet all on-demand traffic.


Production Environment Access

You will only be granted production access after completing our certification process.